Recovery And Rebirth : The Age Of The Renaissance

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Chapter 12 Outline Recovery and Rebirth: The Age of the Renaissance Meaning and Characteristics of the Renaissance **Italian Renaissance primarily of the wealthy upper class of elite rather than mass movement** Urban Society Renaissance Italy a result of its commercial preeminence and political evolution, northern Italy (mid-14th century) was mostly a land of independent cities that dominated the country districts surrounding. the city-states were the centers of Italian political, economic, and social life. a secular spirit emerged as increasing wealth created new possibilities for the enjoyment of worldly things. Age of Recovery recovery from the “calamitous fourteenth century” Italy and Europe began slowly recuperation from the Black Death, political disorder, and economic recession. Rebirth of Classical Culture a rebirth of the culture of classical antiquity affected activities as diverse as politics and art led to new attempts to reconcile the pagan philosophy of the Greco-Roman world with Christian thought new ways of viewing human beings. Recovery of the Individual revived emphasis on individual ability “Men can do all things if they will.” ~ Leon Battista Alberti. high regards for human dignity and worth and a realization of individual potentiality created a new social idea of the well-rounded personality or universal person (l’uomo universale). Making of Renaissance Society Economic Recovery Hanseatic League a commercial and military association formed by a number
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