Recovery Manager, Coordinator, And Computer Operations Coordinator

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2(a) Recovery manager, facilities coordinator, technical coordinator, administrative coordinator, network coordinator, applications coordinator, and computer operations coordinator. FDU can only assign 3 people to this task. As FDU is in the situation where it cannot afford seven positions, we are going to make those positions into three. First let us understand the importance of all the positions so that we can eliminate or combine those positions into three.
Recovery Manager – The Recovery Manager is said to be the manager of the team called Recovery Management Team. The recovery manager has the power to take final decisions during the recovery process. Recovery manager must be able to deal with the situations under pressure. He should
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Technical Coordinator – Technical Coordinator is the person who has to be very much skilled in various fields. He should be having very strong experience in setting up all most all the required platforms. He needs to be very attentive in communications with other individuals regarding issues like problem resolution and performance issues. Technical coordinator is also the one who schedules and manages the people.
So Technical Coordinator seems to be another important person like Recovery Manager in FDU.
Administrative Coordinator – Administrative Coordinator is the one who has experience/knowledge in the business operations in FDU. He should be well known about the daily activities/duties of FDU University’s department. He is the one who is responsible with dealing with employees, dealing contracts and also dealing with state purchasing procedures. All these tasks can be fulfilled by a Recovery Manager with his broad skills. We can combine Administrative Coordinator into a Recovery Manager.
Network Coordinator – Network Coordinator is the one who designs and maintains network. He is skilled in checking and maintaining network outages and also connects new networks to the existing networks.
Applications Coordinator – Application Coordinator works on some important responsibilities like accounting, payroll and maintaining
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