Recovery Time After Concussion Essay

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Research Question: Can blood test predict recovery time after concussion?

Background: There is currently no objective testing markers to predict recovery time after an athlete suffers a concussion. Recent studies are aimed to determine whether or not biomarkers in the blood will be able to help in identifying recovery time after a concussion.
Purpose: To determine whether or not protein biomarkers in the blood can serve to predict adequate recovery time after a concussion.
Results: Gill et al. reports a higher level of mean tau levels in athletes with greater than 10 day return-to-play compared to athletes that returned-to-play at less than 10 days. Shahim et al. reports that concussed ice hockey players had an increase in
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These inconsistencies are seen throughout various athletic settings and may lead to the importance of tailored management based around biomarkers to potentially provide the best opportunity to evade further injury. (2)

Currently, there is no objective test linking prognostic biomarkers to predict recovery following an injury to the brain. (3,4) Having a biomarker that would essentially be able to effectively provide objective data to guide return to competition recommendations may be revolutionary. There are recent data showing a link with the protein tau in the blood as it relates to its levels after an injury to the brain. (3) This data points to tau levels exhibiting promise to be able to provide an unbiased way to aid athletes from returning to play too soon. (3) Objective biomarkers would articulate who would need to be out of activity and allow further time to recover to prevent more severe injury. Keeping athletes, military personnel, and the general population safe from long-term consequences of concussions is important. Athletes who return to play before they have fully recovered from the initial event that caused the brain injury are at an increased risk for long-term symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and cognitive deficits. (5)

Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a broad term that encompasses a wide spectrum of
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