Recreation Management : Recreation And Fitness Programs

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Recreation management focus on the skills and knowledge needed to create and deliver recreation and fitness programs in a variety of settings. Recreation has a history of rich values of different combination of people, place, events, and social forces, educators and government. The customs of different cultures, their arts, sports, and pastimes as activities that people engage in during their free time that people enjoy. Recreation has a connotation of being morally acceptable not just to the people but also to society as a whole and the programs for those activities within that context. While recreation activities can take many forms they must contribute to communities in a way that society deems accepts. The activities that are acceptable for recreation can change over time, but some examples recreation activities are endless fitness, sports, music, games, reading, arts and crafts, and dance.

Recreation is a social instrument to people because of its contribution to their communities. The wide used of free time, physical fitness, and positive youth development got professionals to have had long used recreation programs and services to produce socially desirable outcomes. Recreation was developed to organized programs to meet a variety of physical, psychological, and social needs has led to recreation playing as a role for a change in our communities. The role has been the impetus for the development of many recreation providers from municipalities to nonprofits…
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