Recreation, Wellness, And Leisure

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Recreation, Wellness, and Leisure in the Workplace Dan Spallina As workplace recreation, wellness, and leisure programs are becoming more popular around the country, more businesses are starting to jump aboard and join the “movement”. These employers are starting to see the benefits of such programs. Research suggests that these programs benefit the workplace in many different ways. In an article titled, The Multidimensional Benefits of an Employee Recreation Program, David A. Gaskins wrote “Employee Recreation represents a unique departmentally sponsored program designed to improve recruitment, retention, enjoyment, enthusiasm and commitment among student employees. It is popular and fun for employees but also has personal management…show more content…
“Employees are the most valuable assets to any company.” Workplace recreation, wellness, and leisure programs have many personal benefits for employees as individuals. They can be used for many reasons both personal and general. Taking advantage of these programs offered by employers can reduce stress and help maintain and well rounded and healthy lifestyle. This is all dependant on what programs each individual company offers to their employees. The benefits of being a member of a fitness club/center provided by an employer can also help employees as individuals maintain and achieve their personal fitness goals. For example one can increase weight loss, lower cholesterol/ blood pressure, all of which have been proven to increase work productivity. A company could even go as far as supporting a “biggest loser” weight loss/health competition. Employers can provide other great benefits in the workplace that will not only benefit their employees, but will also benefit the company as well. Recreation, wellness, and leisure programs can be used to build a sense of camaraderie between co-workers. In order to achieve the camaraderie that would benefit a company/employer , the company/employer would have to create or provide an environment or experience with activities that are not related to work. For example this could be achieved by hosting a company picnic, hosting a holiday/seasonal party, having a sports outing to support a local sports team (Yankees game,
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