Recreation, Wellness, And Leisure

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Recreation, Wellness, and Leisure in the Workplace
Dan Spallina
As workplace recreation, wellness, and leisure programs are becoming more popular around the country, more businesses are starting to jump aboard and join the “movement”. These employers are starting to see the benefits of such programs. Research suggests that these programs benefit the workplace in many different ways.
In an article titled, The Multidimensional Benefits of an Employee Recreation Program, David A. Gaskins wrote “Employee Recreation represents a unique departmentally sponsored program designed to improve recruitment, retention, enjoyment, enthusiasm and commitment among student employees. It is popular and fun for employees but also has personal management advantages, strong marketing implications, and administrative benefits.” This is what a recreation, wellness, and leisure program is all about. Gaskins goes on to describe the effectiveness and positivity that impact employees. When a company puts in the time to learn about its employees and what will work for both employer and employee they will “stimulate some exceptional staff dynamics…when blended properly, these components can increase excitement, motivation, and personal investment in the department as an employee while also improving camaraderie, teamwork, and morale.” As you will read later in greater detail, companies that implement these programs and characteristics really are successful and actually energize the company and the…
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