Recreation Wellness

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Final Project Documentation for Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project Prepared By: Project Manager, Tony Prince Date: 30/3/2004 Project Description: The Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project is assigning from Manage Your Health, Inc. (MYH). This intranet project provides an application on the current Intranet to help employees improve their health. Project Proposal: Manage Your Health, Inc. (MYH) is a fortune 500 company that provides a variety of health care services across the globe. MYH has more than 20,000 full time employees and more than 5,000 part-time employees. MYH recently updated its strategic plan, and key goals include exploiting new web-based technology to help employees, customers, and suppliers work…show more content…
A work breakdown structure (WBS) will develop for this project and the WBS is based on the project charter, scope statement, and other relevant information. Gantt chart and network diagram also will be well prepared for this project. While preceding the planning stage, the resource usage cash flow report will showing the hours each person is assigned to work on each task each week. Furthermore, the probability/ impact matrix and list of prioritized risks for the project will be included in the project We will submit weekly milestone reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The milestone repost for the project will base on information in the Gantt chart. An agenda for the project team meeting will develop to work through some of the challenges while facing in executing the project. Update the scope of the project while having some changes in the executing phase. We will develop detailed lists of assumptions and questions that all the project team has related to the new scope of the project. We will decide to outsourcing much of work related to user requirements, user interface design, and collecting information about similar programs offered through the health club chain MYH recently acquired and all similar community- sponsored programs within twenty miles from the company. Updated the Gantt chart and also the project charter and the scope statement last but not least, we will updated the
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