Recreational Therapy

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Recreational Therapy can offer a person living with arthritis reprieve through inclusion and adaptive activities with hopes of reducing secondary conditions; in addition to improving the quality of life. There are a variety of modalities a TRS may utilize when working with a person living with Arthritis. The physical activity modality category may include exercise or aquatics. Physical activity can improve cardiovascular health; as well as increase strength and flexibility.
Physical activity has also been associated with positive psychological benefits of decreased depression, improved body image and increase in motivation (Austin p.98). Mind-body modalities can help reduce stress and increase relaxation; in addition they may be able to
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Yoga combines movement with conscious breathing techniques which can help reduce stress and anxiety; as well as increasing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. Yoga postures can help to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, improving balance and coordination. Stretching the body can increase mobility and flexibility. Regular movement may enhance range of motion; helping to combat pain and inflammation in a person living with arthritis. Yoga asks the participant to turn their attention inward creating mental engagement; which has potential psychological benefits such as a decrease in stress and anxiety (Haaz, 2011). Tai chi is an ancient form of Chinese fitness which can “improve cardiovascular fitness and motor control while reducing stress, anxiety and depression (Yan, 1998).” Tai chi is self paced, non competitive and can be performed in a variety of environments, making it a great activity for a person living with arthritis. Guided imagery is the purposeful use of the imagination to evoke memory as well as fantasy. The ability to reduce pain and anxiety makes guided an effective therapeutic intervention to improve overall health and well-being (Bonadies, 2009). Spa therapy can also be used as a therapeutic modality for those living with arthritis. Spa therapy may utilize thermal water, with possible healing properties of natural minerals, to help the entire body relax. The Water can be used to massage; as well as applied in varying temperatures depending on pain, swelling or comfort level of the participant (Sukenik, 1999 , p.883). Therapeutic Massage utilizes touch, which is a very important part of human behavior; as well as improves circulation and reduces pain. Massage therapy “can improve health and enhance well-being, particularly through the reduction of pain and anxiety
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