Recreational Therapy For Recreational Therapists Essay

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To understand stereotypes about of a recreational therapist, one must learn what therapeutic recreation does and how it benefits patients. Recreational therapists are people that plan, direct, recreational – based treatment people for people with illnesses and disabilities. There are myths about recreational therapists that come from a society not understanding the term “recreational therapy”. Recreational therapists play an active role in helping people young or old learn to carry daily activities to aid them in their daily lives.
Some people assume that recreational therapy is a new form of therapy used in the medical profession. People are familiar with the commonly known forms of therapy such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy used in medical settings.
Recreational therapy can be traced back to as early as the 1850 's when Florence Nightingale recognized the importance of recreation as a form of therapy. The American Red Cross hired the first recreational workers in 1931. The Menninger brothers coined the term "recreational therapy" in the 1940 's. The Menninger brothers were enthusiastic for the inclusion of recreational therapy as a treatment of persons with mental health disorders. Recreational therapists have served as active members of the interdisciplinary treatment team addressing the psychosocial and physical rehabilitation needs of patients. (Association, American Therapeutic Recreation) Recreational Therapy is a deliberate and
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