Recruit Select and Induction

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1. INTRODUCTION ________________________________________ As a Human Resource consultant for Optus I have been approached by my Managing Director to examine and analyse the company’s existing recruitment, selection and induction system including the RSI policies, procedures and find how these link in with the organisations strategic plans. Throughout this report I will analyse exactly how our RSI system compares to bets practice and give recommendations and to how we can improve on areas which need improvements and identify areas of strength. Optus is an Australian leader in integrated telecommunications, delivering cutting-edge communications, information technology and entertainment services. In 2001 SingTel became the parent…show more content…
Desirable criteria, if used, are not a pre-requisite for the job, but may assist in deciding between candidates where more than one fully meets the essential criteria. When a vacancy occurs the Store Managers in each store take this opportunity to review current staffing arrangements. From this point various options are considered. Such as a review of the duties and responsibilities or whether HR should be delaying recruitment. The reasons as to why recruiting should be delayed are whether the store itself can cope with one less staff member or is it just a matter of replacing this staff member with a member of another store. There have been occasions where one store may not particularly need as many staff members due to quiet periods and if the staff member is willing to move to another store. If this is not the case and we do need to commence recruiting we can then start taking action in seeking a temporary or permanent replacement. (Optus handbook V1, page 4) In order for a proposal to be actioned and authorised staffing approval is to be agreed upon by the HR Manager and the Operational Manager before action is taken to recruit a new member of staff or fill the position internally whether it be a sales associate from one store to another or sales associate being promoted to Assistant Manager or an Assistant Manager being promoted to Store manager. (Optus handbook V1, page. 5) Trying to identify gaps
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