Recruiting And Retention Non Commissioned Officer

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As I begin my journey as a RRNCO (Recruiting and Retention Non-Commissioned Officer) there will be many obstacles that I will have to overcome to be the best recruiter I can be. I want to be able to give others the same opportunities the National Guard offered to me. I was not always supportive of the military, but in the end I owe all my success to the time I spent in the Army National Guard. Throughout this paper I will be showing different statistics or demographics of the high school I feel is the most important school I need to focus on. When I start to look at the school year, I have to devote certain time and effort, so I need to develop a school program that will help generate leads and referrals. By conducting presentations about the ARNG (Army National Guard) on such topics as the role of the ARNG, state/federal missions, features and benefits, employment opportunities and ARNG history.(NGR 601-1 2-18(f)) My yearly plan will be broken down month by month. This school plan will help me build and sustain relationships throughout the FY (Fiscal Year). The soldiers I enlist will be joining the Ohio Army National Guard. Demographics My area is very widespread because most of my schools are located in rural environment, which means, I do a lot of driving from town to town. The assigned area that I will be discussing is located in Batavia, OH. I will be focusing on Batavia High school, the bulldogs, because over the past few years the local recruiter has had

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