Recruiting Potential Job Candidates Is A Process

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Recruiting potential job candidates is a process that all nurse managers will have to be familiar with. Recruiting processes vary from organization to organization and takes time and skill to ultimately select the best possible candidates for both the unit and the organization as a whole. The purpose of this paper is to share and describe the selection process that my organization uses as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of the process in use. Selection Process in my Organization Recruitment is simply consists of attracting, interviewing, and hiring new employees (Mayhew, n.d.). Finding potential employees can happen from within the facility, known as internal recruiting, or from outside the facility, known as external recruiting…show more content…
Recruitment of competent RN staff will ensure safe patient care (Markey, 2012). It is important to fully evaluate each candidate and not rush to fill the position. Current Recruitment Process The facility I work in has a posting and selection policy that we follow in order to ensure that candidates are fairly identified and considered for employment, promotion, or transfer opportunities. This applies for both internal and external candidates. The first step is for the nurse manager to make a request from upper management the need to post an opening. Upon receiving approval, the nurse manager then decides whether to post approved open positions within the department for three (3) calendar days or to post within the organization for seven (7) calendar days. Appropriate approvals authorize recruitment activity for up to six (6) months. Internal Recruitment and Selection Process If posted within the department, applicants submit an “Internal Application” form directly to the hiring manager within the three days the position is posted within the department. If posted within the department and there are no qualified applicants, the “Position Request” form is submitted to Human Resources and the position is posted organization wide for four (4) calendar days. Applicants for positions posted organization wide submit an online application. This form will be sent directly to the Employment Specialist for
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