Recruiting The Right Personnel For The Community Service Industry

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Volunteerism is an on growing trend that has impacted the community service industry. The time that people have devoted to giving back and doing service for the community not only benefits not only themselves, but also those of the less fortunate. Volunteers are looking for opportunities to show their dedication but want their actions to be acknowledged and appreciated. It is vital to recognize volunteers within the organization but also to acknowledge their accomplishments within the community.
Volunteer managers are working extremely hard to find ways to attract and recruit volunteers who are willing to work. The major issue that volunteer leaders face today is recruiting the right personnel. Getting the volunteers to give their time without financial reward has been a concern of volunteers and is the caused of the unsatisfactory work. When looking for volunteers, the right personnel must be willing to commit to the service and perform effectively. It’s important for leaders to keep in mind that it 's not what the volunteers can do for the organization that makes them come back, but it 's what the organization can do for them.
Two recommendations that I suggest for volunteer managers to improve these challenging issues are to create incentives for volunteers and conduct an interview process. Implementing these two objectives would increase the retention of the volunteers and also create a more cohesive work environment. “Organizations are recognizing that…
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