Recruitment And Retention Of Nurses

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Recruitment and Retention in Nursing As the forthcoming nursing shortage threatens the United States, organizations must be knowledgeable in the recruitment and retention of nurses. The challenge facing health care organizations will be to retain sufficient numbers of nurses to provide safe, efficient, quality of care to patients. Also, organizations will look to recruit and attract quality nurses to fill vacancies left open by staff who left the profession due to burning out. Turnover in Nursing is a recurring problem for health care organizations. The turnover rate for bedside nurses in 2013 ranged from 4.4 to 44.6% (ANA, 2013). Nurse retention focuses on keeping nurses in the organization and preventing turnover. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the significance of recruitment and retention of nurses, discuss strategies for recruitment and retention, review the literature, and explore the implications for nursing leaders in the coming years. Significance of Recruitment and Retention “In 2010, the US Department of Labor Statistics (DLS) projected a 22 percent increase in the demand for RNs or 581,500 new jobs by 2018, to total a projected 1,039,000 jobs needed to be filled by 2018” (Cottingham, DiBartolo, Battistoni, and Brown, 2011, p. 250). It is imperative that strategies be implemented to improve recruitment of nurses as patient care will ultimately see the effects. Without improvements in the recruiting of new grads or seasoned nurses, organizations
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