Recruitment And Retention Of Talent

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Abstract Recruitment or employer branding and the retention of talent are important to any organization. With all the outlets for social media it is becoming important for companies to maintain control of their brand. Organizations need to effectively create a brand strategy for recruiting and retaining key talent. This paper will research the importance of branding and how it affects the retention of talent and provide steps of how best to establish a brand strategy. Introduction Recruitment branding is the process of promoting an organization, as the employer of choice. It is the way that an organization has the ability to attract, recruit and retaining the desired candidates. In order to establish an employer brand, an organization must be true, credible, relevant, and distinctive and also be aspirational. For an organization to establish its employer brand it needs to have an appealing image both internal and external, to do this it needs to understand the organization’s needs, wants, expectations and most importantly the strategic objectives. Once an organization has a set understanding of these items it then defines its unique identity. An organization also needs to ask three questions. Why do people stay with your company? Why do people Want to work for your company? And who are your outstanding performers; what are the common behaviors and traits that your outstanding performers possess? Literature Review What should be included in the branding process
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