Recruitment And Selection Is Important For Human Resource Management

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Literature review As mentioned above, recruitment and selection is a very important part of human resource management. The future employees have to match with the organization its strategy and culture. Moreover, a proper way of recruitment and selection can provide an organization with a competitive advantage. Recruitment and selection is an important process when starting a company, because if you start off with ineffective human resources it will make it a lot harder for the organization to perform well. To continue on describing the importance of recruitment and selection, a few more important points are explained. It is not only important that a firm hires the right qualified candidates for a job, but the recruitment and selection method also has to make sure that this possible future employee is suitable for that particular company. If the employee and the organization are a mismatch, it could possibly affect the job satisfaction of that person and therefore lead to a decrease in the performance of a company. Job satisfaction is established by a mix of job pleasure and job discontent (Jha & Bhattacharyya 2012, p.63). Jha & Bhattacharyya (2012) link job satisfaction to the recruitment and selection policy of an organization. That is why they emphasize the role of this part of human resource management in growth and performance of an organization. This research argues that a positive experience in the job selection process leads to a good job experience and therefore
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