Recruitment And Selection Of Appsmart Inc.

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Problem 1: Recruitment & Selection
The first major problem that is being faced by APPSmart Inc. is poor recruitment. Recruitment is “the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants.” The executive committee expressed that they consider this to be their main Human Resources concern, because of the lack of talent available in cutting edge technology. However, I believe it is not a lack of talent that is an issue for APPSmart, it is their poor recruitment process and strategy that doesn’t enable them to find suitable employees. This has caused APPSmart Inc. to hire managers who have never even worked in management before, which is unacceptable. The software development industry is growing at a fast pace and APPSmart
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If employees don’t have distinguished duties and specifications, they cannot be appropriately assigned work. The company’s major projects will become disorganized and misguided without consistent management and leadership. The best quality projects originate from utilizing various employees strengths and accommodating their weaknesses, which needs to be done strategically not randomly. Step 3 involves selecting methods of recruitment. As a fairly young organization, it is crucial that APPSmart retains their employee by recruiting from within. APPSmart has a high turnover rate that is concerning, which may suggest that they are primarily recruiting from outside the organization. These employees are already familiar with the business and are more committed to the company 's goals. Additionally, less risk is involved when recruiting from within because they company can more accurately assess the skills and performance of it’s current employees. This will also reduce the costs that are necessary to recruit from outside the organization. Since APPSmart is still in its early stages, it is important to invest cash into growing the business. However, the company should also recruit externally. Recruiting externally will allow the company to gain access to a larger pool of qualified candidates. In step 4 the organization generates a pool of qualified applications, which should also reflect their diversity goals. In the case of APPSmart, they should

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