Recruitment And Selection Of KFC

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IHRM (KFC) 2.6.1 Recruitment and Selection The procedure begins with an online screening test to ensure that the candidate is fit for the business, and the actual work preview allows the candidate to personally experience the job and then decides to join KFC. KFC believes it is important to build relationships with candidates throughout the hiring procedure. As a result, KFC has communicated with team members at least four times in the procedure to ensure that both sides have an opportunity to impress. At the end of the hiring procedure, candidates are often asked to complete a survey in the interview procedure to help KFC do better at recruiting talented workers. KFC will provide feedback to all the candidates on their performance. Candidates without passing an online…show more content…
This help employees assess whether their package is competitive and provide KFC with an opportunity to promote the Yumbucks equity incentive program. 2.6.3 Training and development of employees Training and development help the KFC team develop the individual capabilities, leadership and life skills they need to build a career that suits them. This is the reason why KFC has invested time and effort in providing fantastic programs like KFC degrees, apprenticeships and various programs that make up yum! university. All the training is provided by yum! which has five universities in UK. Managers usually are locals and will spend time training at other restaurants before opening the restaurant. KFC's goal is to give every employee the opportunity to pass a formal certification procedure to gain credibility and qualifications. As part of the agreement, all franchisees must participate in yum! courses in order to be familiar with Kentucky's culture. In this way, both emigrants and immigrants will have the chance to integrate with KFC culture and their own culture to suit the tastes of
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