Recruitment And Selection Of Steve Jobs

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Recruitment and Selection “[Design] is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” (Walker, 2003, para. 4). Steve Jobs was speaking about the first iPod when he spoke this quote, but the message is true for a recruitment and selection program. Failure to attract and retain candidates who possess skills and attributes fitting with Ellard Williams, Incorporated’s (EWI’s) strategy is evident by the company’s labor demand and supply. EWI’s human resources (HR) department will avoid making recruiting mistakes by creating a recruiting and staffing plan to attract talented candidates exhibiting traits and characteristics of top performers. Background Nearly 11,300 people work at EWI with the growth rate slowing (Colorado State University - Global Campus, 2015a). The 20% drop in application submissions means EWI’s HR department is unable to fill positions as quickly as they open (2015a). Furthermore, the recruiting and selection process rose from six to 11 weeks in two years, resulting in an employee gap, which equates to less production (2015a). EWI’s management does not have confidence in the HR department and is asking the consultant to develop a recruiting and selection process increasing applicants and decreasing turnover. Staffing Organizations Model Recruiting and selection are two parts of a larger process. Figure 1 is the Staffing Organizations Model exhibiting retention begins with defining EWI’s mission, goals, and objectives. EWI’s

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