Recruitment And Selection Process Of Hewlett Packard Company

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Executive summary This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the recruitment and selection process of Hewlett-Packard Company(HP) .The research focuses on recruiting and selecting candidates for employment in HP. The research shows that every successful organization depends on its proper human resource. As recruitment and selection is a function of HRM(Human Resource Management), moreover, it is important to find the right candidate for the job and develop him into a valuable resources (Young 2008, p. 123). The appropriate recruitment and selection could help the organizations within the company to work most effectively in achieving the primary goals and objectives of the company (Alvesson 1990, p. 32). Thus, the human resource managers are expected to pay more attention to recruitment and selection process in order to find the best brains in the market and the most appropriate candidates for the job. In order to achieve the planned goals, the organizations have to ensure that it has the proper number and kind of employees at the right place and right time. This report covers the introduction to recruitment and selection as well as the objectives and importance, sources of recruitment, steps in the recruitment and selection process, equal employment opportunity and the evaluation of the company’s current process of recruitment and selection (Young 2008, p. 126). This report also introduces the challenges in recruitment and selection process that the human resource

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