Recruitment And Selection Process Of Pimlico Plumbers

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II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report focuses on recruitment and selection process of Pimlico Plumbers. The purpose is to improve their current procedure on acquiring future plumbers by providing a systematic approach that Pimlico Plumbers could take to recruitment and selection process and to determine which technique are most essential. The different methods on improving recruitment and selection can be done through psychometric tests, assessment centres and job simulation. Both job description and person specification has its own different purposes but both are linked since the job description is derived by the person specification. A cost and benefit analysis helps in choosing the best one to use in advertising since it gives a brief…show more content…
Even so, it’s conscientiously done to provide a successful report. IV. METHODOLOGY To be able to gather the information needed, secondary data was primarily used through this research. A study of recruitment and selection process research report (A Study of the Recruitment and Selection process: SMC Global. Vol. 2, No. 1.) that I found on the web helped to expand more information. The blog, ( also supported this report by giving detailed steps and what is needed to be done for the report. The web was used to search about different methods of recruitment then I separated the best one for hiring plumber candidates. Subsequently, job descriptions and person specification which gave me more idea on creating them since both links to each other. Lastly, the range of media and agencies that could help the company put up adverts about the vacancy. This method enhanced the information about the subject and built up the research. A. FINDINGS Best methods of recruitment and selection PSYCHOMETRIC TESTS aim to measure aspects of your mental ability, aptitude of your personality and these tests provides employers with a method of selecting the most suitable job applicants or candidates for promotion. Plumbers should have a stable mental capacity and a correct conduct since the type of job requires it. Of which there are two types of tests: Personality & Interest Tests and Aptitude & Ability

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