Recruitment Channel : Informal Recruitment Method

1554 Words7 Pages Recruitment Channel: Informal Recruitment Method (IRM) versus Formal Recruitment Method (FRM)

Exhibit 3-7 : Most effective recruitment method-consist of both Informal Recruitment Method and Formal Recruitment Method
Table compile from data in CIPD(2012)
(Source :Torrington et al., 2014).

Exhibit 2-7 show some of the channel use in recruitment. Activities like headhunting through professional networking internal vacancy noticeboard, Alumni, a referral from friend/family, selection among applicant from a previously retained resume or apprenticeship is some of the examples of IRM.

Michele Pellizzari (2010) study conclude IRM benefit shine when the case involves higher position in the hierarchy, and the applicant is aware of their strength, self-selection could arise, thus increasing the average quality of the pool of candidate. This will then lead to better quality, higher wages, and lasted longer plus more satisfied working environment (Pellizzari, 2010).

As for formal recruitment, channels include advertisement, jobcentre, employment agencies, and the rising usage of Internet. The use of FRM is undertaking to be more transparent in term of the decision-making process and adhering to the equal opportunities law, which for a large firm consider as one way to improve public image and social responsibility (Egbert, Fischer and Bredl, 2009). More thorough benefit and limitation of formal recruitment would be encompassed next.
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