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Recruitment Documentation In this assignment I am going go through how and what companies do when they are hiring people and what candidates need to do to get their job. I am also going to describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation. The selected organisation I am doing is Tesco. When companies are looking for recruitments, firms produce two documents to hire people; one document is the Job Description. The job description includes responsibilities, duties, who responsible to, whom responsible for, working conditions and more. The job description makes it clear to the candidate. The second document is a Person Specification. A person specification is profile of the employee, this includes; skills,…show more content…
Make things happen & constantly looking for better ways of doing things • To develop our teams with the skills to understand our blueprints • To work with Bangalore and resolve issues quickly and develop capability • Holding peers and NWT 's accountable for consistently delivering the agreed objectives and channel feedback when improvement is required. All employers want to hire employees that have great people skills. For a managing position people skills are very vital as managers have to deal with employees, customers and complaints. People skills are also important because they help the manager become a good leader as they care for themselves and their peers and help motivate them to get the work done. This also helps the manager and employees to work in a team and get effective work done. Personal Skills – To be fit for a Blueprint Manager you will know how to cope with considerable changes both internally and in the external environment. These changes are to do with the consumers of the services; with the changing demands of the specialists who operate the services as well as central policy and significant structural changes. Candidates should have many personal skills to help them achieve their goals and
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