Recruitment Is The Process Of Developing A Pool Of Qualified Job Applicants Essay

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“Recruiting is the process of developing a pool of qualified job applicants,” which plays a large role in company 's success, (Williams, 223). Gail Hyland-Savage the CEO of Michaelson, Connor & Boul said “without a competent and talented workforce, organizations will stagnate and eventually perish,” (Williams, 223). Currently, we 've only been recruiting for our job opening is through local newspaper ads. While advertising in the local paper brought us our six possible new hires there are many more efficient and effective ways to recruit. Our business is only starting up so to recruit we need to use external recruiting or recruiting from outside the company. The main method we would like to expand on in our recruiting efforts is using internet job sites. The internet offers a ton of options for job sites including,, and Using these companies would offer multiple benefits to our company including a larger audience and increased cost savings. Looking at businesses costs recruitment is one of the costlier operations and internet job sites can help bring those costs down. Job listing sites are one of the cheapest third-party external recruitment options and some job sites like also offer free postings, but if you want them to sponsor for more applicants you pay by the click. Posting job positions on these sites for 30 days is roughly half the price of posting through the local newspapers (Williams, pg 226). Although we
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