Recruitment Of A Supply Chain Manager For Fmp

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ASSIGNMENT NOTES RELEVANT TO THE RECRUITMENT OF A SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER FOR FMP, BALLARAT These are additional notes, are based on a conversation with FMP management and to be read in conjunction with the Position Description provided by FMP. BUSINESS CONTEXT The business context for this role is that FMP is a business unit of the Honeywell organisation, and Honeywell takes an active interest in its management – subject to a significant rider. Since the divestment by Honeywell of its Friction Materials Division, FMP is the only operating unit within Honeywell which is concerned with friction materials product and manufacturing technology. Therefore, from the point of view of materials technology, product development, manufacturing…show more content…
The FMP business has been operating in this context for some time – it is well used to charting its own destiny. Thus for example in the operational side of its business it has acquired managed and expanded off-shore manufacturing plant(s) in Malaysia, which complement (not replace) its Ballarat manufacturing facility. In respect of its sales and marketing effort, it has broadened its product offering, developed a multiple brand strategy and expanded it strength in the aftermarket end use market and in its dominance of the channels to market. In respect of the Supply Chain Manager role the particular pressure points are: Strategic Sourcing: The SC role must ensure not only that low cost sources of supply are maintained and must balance this issue against quality requirements as well as supply security. Reword? New and Traded Product Sourcing: The role must be constantly aware of the “technology” offerings available in the market place – in order to proactively support the Sales and Marketing function on the issue of new product development and innovation. (The innovation process could be initiated by FMP – or could come
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