Recruitment Of Talent And Talent Retention Essay

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About 31 percent of talent in China are disappointed with the employers and are considered to be “at-risk” talents, according to the Recruitment advertising China (2007). “Possessing and retaining the best talent is the heart of success in future”, stated by Dharmadhikari (2013), which proves the key role of talents retention. Contemporarily, Chinese employers are at risk of losing their most talented people as their disappointment with the position. Similarly, the company that the article discusses about, Dalian Longda Architecture Company, is also suffering from a critical shortage in retaining talents. Retention of talents in Longda Architecture has been a prominent problem, which can be solved by the establishment of the diversified motivation system. Longda Architecture, establishing in 1989 with only dozens of staff, has developed into a well-funded private enterprise having 1100 employees and over 100 million total assets (Shaofu, Ye. Personal communication. November 30, 2016). However, according to Mr. Shaofu’ s words (Shaofu, Ye. Personal communication. November 30, 2016), now the employees in the company started to complain about the employee treatment of the company and a substantial portion of staff in the company including senior and old employees choose to leave the company. First, select 3 vital criteria from the literature which are compensation system, working environment and turnover rate of the company respectively. Initially, Long (2012) states that
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