Recruitment Of Volunteer Recruitment And Retention Increase With The Number Of Employees

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The term ’Volunteers’ is a defining aspect of the Nonprofit and voluntary sector. Volunteers are a necessity for the sectors in some way or the other. Volunteers are a necessity for these sectors in some way or the other. According to the 2003 National survey of Non-profit and Voluntary Organizations, almost all of Canada’s estimated 161,000 nonprofit and voluntary organizations involve volunteers in some way. It has been reported that that collectively there are around 19 million volunteers and out of these one million of them serve on boards of directors. They are engaged in program delivery and fundraising. Many voluntary organizations face an ongoing need to recruit new volunteers. Many have also had to become more sophisticated in their recruitment strategies in order to attract volunteers who are reflective of the population. However, recruitment is only half the battle. The knowledge of experienced volunteers is an important asset for an organization. Retaining experienced volunteers is, therefore, a critical issue for voluntary organizations.

Improving Recruitment of Volunteers
The challenges relating to volunteer recruitment and retention increase with the number of volunteers involved. However, the largest difference is between organizations with fewer than 10 volunteers and those with 10 and more. Nonprofits with one to nine volunteers face less difficulty in recruiting volunteers for program delivery and fundraising than the larger ones.
Volunteers are an
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