Recruitment Plan

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Executive Summary The main purpose of this report is to establish guidelines for the recruitment and selection of a Restaurant hostess for the Waterfront Hotel, New Plymouth. This report is comprised of identifying job positions, job analysis, job description and selection process, so as to follow a systematic procedure during the recruitment process of the Restaurant Manager.

Objectives The objective of this report is to develop a systematic recruitment plan for the Restaurant Manager.

Contents The contents of this report are:- * Literature review of recruitment plan * Steps of recruitment plan * Job description * Job advertisement * Recommendation * Conclusion

Literature review of recruitment plan
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Different methods of internal recruitment are:- * Transfer * Job posting * Employee referral
External recruitment:- In external recruitment, the employees are recruited for a specific designation from outside the organization. This helps to welcome fresh ideas in the organization.
The different methods of external employment are:- * Online recruitment * Consultancies * Campus selection from educational institutions * Advertising in newspapers * Govt. Agencies like employment exchange * Walk-ins
External recruitment is more time taking and costly than internal recruitment.

SELECTION PROCESS: Selection is the process of picking the most suitable candidate who would meet the requirements of the job best and will be successful if hired. The basic purpose of selection is to choose the best suited individual for the job from the pool of qualified candidates.
The basic steps of selection process are: * Application blank * Selection tests * Selection interview * Reference checks

Application blank/form:- it is one of the most common methods used to collect various information about the candidates. As:- * Personal data * Marital data * Educational and academic data * Experience * Extra-curricular activities * References and recommendations
It’s a commonly used selection tool as it is a formal way of introduction between the candidate and the recruiter. It also helps the
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