Recruitment Plan

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Recruitment Plan Recruitment Plan Recruitment and Selection Recruitment Plan defined: "A set of activities and practices which organizations carry out to search for and hire potential employees to fill their vacant job positions". Time Span The Need for Recruitment Planning The Purpose of Developing an Organizational Recruitment Strategy Finding the right talent for the right job positions at the right time. To ensure an efficient utilization of other organizational resources (Financial, Physical, Informational, etc.) To ensure high productivity and superior performance in the industry Achieving a Competitive Advantage in the industry through Human Resources Promote Creativity and Innovation at the Workplace The Purpose of Developing an Organizational Recruitment Strategy (Cont"¦) Keeping an eye on the Job Market and Competitors' strategies To build a strong organizational culture Reorganize or recompose the existing workforce with more skillful and talented individuals Improve Customer Experience Finding and removing the flaws in existing recruitment and selection strategy Steps in developing a Recruitment Plan 1. Identify the current human resource needs (New hiring, replacement, promotion, etc.) 2. Design job descriptions (Required skills, experience, qualification, etc.) 3. Job Organization (Place of Posting, Tenure, Compensation, etc.) 4. Job Announcement/Advertisement 5. Selection Board/Committee Steps in
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