Recruitment Process And Its Effect On The Process

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This is a written report, for the recruitment process and will also be looking at the laws and legislation that effect the process. A case study is used to process the linked theories and models, it will look at the candidates abilities and how the candidates can develop furthur in future.
all organisation have to go through recruitment process to employ new member of staff. There are two types of recruitment process which are internal and external. Both processes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Internal recruitment process advantage would be that it will cost less and will motivate the employees for good performance and disadvantage would be that, it can cause conflict between other employees because they might be upset because they are not promoted while other member of staff is being promoted.
External advantage would be that new employee might bring new insight to the organisation, the disadvantage would be new membr of staff or new candidate might take longer to adjust, which could cause the moral problems to the other internal staff in organisation.
Most important part of recruitment process is that assessing group dynamics, as a organisation member is fully aware of all the dynamics within the organisation. Organisation would check if the new member of staff 's dynamics will be positive or negative if selected in organisation team.
This is a external recruitment process report. There has been a use of case study in (Appendix 1)
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