Recruitment Proposal For Senior Level Talent

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FROM: Alyise Johnson, HR Director
DATE: April 29, 2015
SUBJECT: Recruitment and Staffing Proposal for Senior Level Talent As requested during our last meeting, you shared with me your personal desire and HSS’s need to establish a new recruitment and selection process for employing senior level staff. Below I have provided a few of the top options that the organization can easily put in place for the use of recruiting and selection new senior level staff.
Recruitment Methods Recruiting suitable candidates that are able to adequately handle and manage senior level positions of the organization takes a great deal of time and patience. Placing inexperienced individuals into advanced positions within HHS could
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2. Recruiters. For organizations that do not have the time or the resources to find suitable candidates, they hire headhunters and recruiting companies to do the searching for them. These headhunters and recruiters hunt down the best individuals in their particular fields, having thoroughly researched their complete background, including their experience and accomplishments, and basically “sell” these individuals to the appropriate organization. (Sutton, 2009) These companies also certify the candidates they recommend, providing a “money-back guarantee” if an organization is not completely satisfied after a specific period of time.
3. Gamification. Gamification is the use of gaming principles and design in non-gaming situations and identifies potential employees by posing virtual challenges that require the skills necessary for a given job. Gamification is effective because it can test a skill set, associate the company with something people enjoy and produce a virtual feel for the culture of a particular workplace.
Selection Methods Selecting suitable candidates for senior level positions of the organization is also an essential undertaking. There are several considerations an organization must take into an account about a candidate before hiring them.
1. Credentials Assessment. It is very important to know what experience and skillset a candidate brings with
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