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Recruitment & Selection One of the most important functions of an organization's Human Resources Department is the Recruitment and Selection of qualified employees. It is important that HR selects individuals with the skills and background that precisely match the requirements of their job opening. In putting the right applicant in the right positions, HR will ensure that the new employee will quickly attain full productivity and contribute to the success of the organization. In this organization there appears to be problem with placing an applicant in a position in a timely matter. In fact, it can take over two months to place an applicant for that particular position. Once a position becomes available, a job analysis is then…show more content…
This is done to make sure that all applicants are asked the same questions and to make sure everyone is treated fairly. The problem with this is it can take too long to gather the people needed to get the interview done. There is always something going on with the Human Affairs person. Either they are too busy to do the interview or the do not want to do it. Therefore it may take up to week or two just to get dates for the interview. Once the interview process is over and an applicant is selected, nearly six weeks has passed. Sometimes qualified applicants are lost due to the extremely long process. Then the process is started over again. To save time in the hiring process, Senior Supervisors should keep a copy of all the job descriptions of the positions they have whether filled or vacant so HR can post them in a timely manner. Panel interviews should be omitted not only because it takes time to get the personnel together but also because it is intimidating. The supervisor and HR should handle the interviews. This would save time because now you do not have to wait until someone from Human Affairs free their schedules. Also you would want to let the supervisor pick who they want within a couple of days so the applicant chosen will still be interested in the job and not go to another company. Human Resources function is very important in recruiting and selection. It can help keep workers working without having a back load and slowing down productivity.

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