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Contents i. Executive Summary 3 1.0 Introduction 4 1.1 What is HRM? 4 1.1.1 Significant HRM functions 4 1.2 Why recruitment & selection is an important part of HRM 4 1.3 Consequence of poor selection 6 2.0 Critical nature of Recruitment & Selection 6 2.1 Recruitment 6 2.1.1 Recruitment process (Fisher et al., 2006) 6 2.1.2 Recruitment objectives 7 2.1.3 Recruitment methods 7 Internal Recruitment method 7 External Recruitment method 7 2.2. Selection 8 2.2.1 Selection policy 8 2.2.2 Selection process 8 2.2.3 Selection methods 9 2.4 Steps used in selection process 9 3.0 How Recruitment & Selection influence other HRM functions 10 3.1 Identifying the Backward linkages of…show more content…
Recruitment function plays a major role in HRM since all other activities in the process can be both directly and indirectly affected.
In a constantly changing business world, companies need to hire people who are adaptable, loyal, knowledgeable, dependable and confident, thereby creating a foundation for success. (Saez, n.d.)
As (Cascio, 2003) describes, recruitment is a way of business competition which is fiercely competitive just as corporations compete to develop or manufacture. Therefore organizations should also compete to identify, attract and hire the most qualified people. Regardless of the size of a firm, or what industry it operates in, recruitment and selection of people with strategically relevant abilities is more important for the succession of the organization workforce.

In conjunction with the recruiting process, which is designed to increase the number of applicants whose qualifications meet job requirements and the needs of the organization, selection is the process of reducing that number and choosing from among those individuals who have the relevant qualifications. (Snell & Bohlander, 2007)
Inaccurate prediction (Person would have succeeded on the job)
Accurate prediction (Person succeeds on the job)
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