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Recruitment and Selection Strategies, Clayton Commercial Construction HRM/531 December 1, 2014 Recruitment and Selection Strategies, Clayton Commercial Construction Summary Clayton Commercial Construction (CCC) has asked the consulting firm of Atwood & Allen to provide guidance for their expansion plans into the state of Arizona. This document will offer specific guidance in the development of recruitment and selection strategies in regards to this expansion. Careful planning and consideration of staffing requirements and the critical steps involved in finding the best candidates with the right skills is one of the most important parts of this business plan. Analysis of the number of workers, skill mixes required, skill levels…show more content…
“ “A corporate brand is a product of an organization's corporate strategy, mission, image, and activities. Corporate brands distinguish organizations from their competitors, orient the organization in the minds of customers and employees, and create a perception of what an organization stands for “(Matrix AMC, 2014) CCC will need to establish an organizational branding standard that makes a statement to potential clients of the high standards that they bring to the business. Recruiting/Screening/Selecting CCC can begin the recruiting process by posting internally within the organization, offering positioned to be available in Arizona to the current staff in Michigan. Recruitment would then turn to external candidates; postings can be made in local newspapers, job fair participation and the use of temporary worker agencies. Screening should include drug testing, background checks for any criminal activity that might preclude a candidate from employment with CCC. Additionally a financial background check is covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which "requires third-party investigators to secure the applicants written consent prior to doing a background check" (Cascio, 2013). Job skill testing can also be utilized to identify potential candidates that may not be qualified for a particular position but with training may be able to obtain the skills

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