Recruitment, Selection and Orientation Process at P&G Pakistan”

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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT “ SUBMITTED TO: MR. TOSHIO FUJITA SUBMITTED BY: ONAIZAH RAZA BBA 7-1 SUBMITTED ON: NOVEMBER 20, 2008 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Being a market giant, P&G Pakistan offers one of the best HR recruitment and selection process in the country and individuals selected through such a rigorous process are undoubtedly the best amongst others. I had interned with the Company this Summer, however, it’s always a good idea to share what you have learnt with others and I hope this paper will expand our knowledge about the level of efficiency MNC’s achieve in HR practices at Pakistan. I am very thankful to Mr. Toshio Fujita for providing me a chance to write a paper about the HR practices at one of the most successful Multinationals…show more content…
• The ‘pay for performance’ system is adhered to, where the pay is tied in with the performance of the individual. • The W&DP (Work & Development Plan) is filled out by each employee during June every year. This exercise aims at assessing the performance of employees and carries a future-orientation, whereby emphasis is laid on an employee’s developmental needs in line with the Company’s objectives. The HR continuously improves leadership, strategy development and deployment of work processes. As a result, P&G Pakistan leverages the collective efforts of P&G people in ways that win in the market place. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the recruitment and selection process at P&G Pakistan and determine how does an MNC effectively hire the best people. METHODOLOGY: I had interned at P&G this summer and had gone through the rigorous selection process myself. During the internship period, close interactions with the Recruitment Manager (Ms. Samra Kanwal) at P&G Pakistan, HR interns (Omer Imtiaz, recently been hired) and my work on HR-related finance (Plant HR) helped me form an in-depth idea about the way their HR works. THE PROCESS: P&G Pakistan does not have any Management Trainee Program; therefore, their biggest recruit pool comes through the internship program arranged every year. The process starts when HR function arranges Campus drives taking the Company professionals and ambassadors to introduce the market giant to
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