Recruitment Strategies Landslide Limousine Should Consider. Organizational Goals

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Recruitment is a form of business contest and it is fiercely competitive. Just as corporations strategize to develop, manufacture, and market the best product or service, so they must also vie to identify, attract, and hire the most qualified people. Recruitment is a business, and it is big business. It demands serious attention from management because any business strategy will falter without the talent to execute it (Cascio, 2013, pg.200). This paper will discuss some recommended recruitment strategies Landslide Limousine should consider.
Organizational goals
First one must understand the guidelines that define the organizational goals of Landslide Limousine. These goals will help assist in recruiting the characteristics that are a good fit for employee candidates. Landslide is striving to provide chauffeur services in Austin, Texas. Also, they seek to gain customers, get loyalty in the community, remain competitive, and rate as one of the top limousine transportation. Considerations should be made that Bradley’s company is forecasted to have 25 employees with projected net annual net revenue of $50,000 for the first year of business, with hopes of making 5% revenue in the years to follow. “When companies discover they can communicate better with their customers through employees who are similar to their customers, those companies then realize they have increased their internal diversity. And that means they have to manage and retain their new, diverse workforce. There is
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