Recruitment Strategy At Hitec International

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Recruitment Strategy at HiTec International Report

Report Overview
This report has been produced for HiTec International, it will examine the current recruitment strategy of HiTec International, address the existing issues within the recruitment infrastructure and propose recommendations to improve recruitment within the organisation while remaining competitive on cost.

Company Background
HiTec International specialises in the provision of computer hardware and software ‘solutuions’ to corporate clients. It provides a range of standard equipment, bespoke packages and complete after-sales care.
HiTec International is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, founded in mid 1980s it has doubled in size every year of its existence and currently employs 30,000 people in 60 different countries and boasts an annual turnover in excess of $19billion. HiTec International is recognised as the global market leader in several of its principle lines of business. The technology industry is constantly evolving and HiTec operates in a highly specialised and highly competitive market. Rapid and effective exploitation of their breakthrough ideas is central to the company’s future success.
HiTec is a desirable company to work for, paying top-rate salaries, providing generous bonus schemes, allowing staff to buy stock at a discounted rate as well as many other staff benefits. Because of this staff retention is not a problem and turnover levels are currently at 5%. Case Study

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