Recruitment, Tenure, Dismissal And Due Process: Case Study

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Discussion - Chapter 10: Recruitment, Tenure, Dismissal, and Due Process
Chapter 10 is important for any administrator. As a principal or superintendent, you will most likely need to evaluate staff and potentially recommend that one of your employees should be non-renewed or discharged. You will also need to be familiar with the teachers' association's negotiated agreement and potentially even advice the school board in the negotiation process. For this discussion, please discuss either: (1) whether you feel teachers and/or administrators should be able to get tenure and whether it should be based on criteria, length of time, or just automatic and why; OR (2) whether you feel teachers should be able to strike and/or be allowed to negotiate their terms of employment with the school district and why. You need not respond to any other's discussion, but you certainly can. I expect this to be based on your own personal opinion
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As Essex (2016) states “generally, state statues identify a specific date in which a probationary teacher must be informed that employment opportunities will no longer be available for the succeeding year. This notice informing the teacher of nonrenewal is normally forwarded to the teacher by certified or registered mail to the latest known address on or before a specified date. If the district fails to meet this requirement, the teacher may have gained employment for the following year. When a teacher has completed three consecutive years in the same district and does not receive timely notice of nonrenewal, the teacher may have acquired tenure by default” (p. 251). I found this very interesting that by default a teacher can gain tenure if the district doesn’t provide notice of nonrenewal in a timely manner. I understand now why the teachers in our school district are talking about how the school board haven’t discussed negotiations as of
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