Recruitment and Hr

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1.2 Explain factors that affect an organisations approach to talent planning: There are obviously many different factors that affect an organistions approach to talent planning. External factors such as the economic environment can have a massive effect in how an organisation resources and retains talent. For example, in times of high unemployment it is far easier to attract high levels of talent, as there are many unemployed suitable candidates in the job market. Similarly it is easier to retain staff as they are less likely to leave due tot the difficulty of finding new suitable employment. Political factors such as changes to minimum wage may also have an effect on talent planning, it may be that an increase in minimum wage will…show more content…
2.2 Describe different selection methods ad identify when it is appropriate to use them. Curriculum Vitaes – CV’s are useful for the first round of a selection process, it allows recruiters to view an applicants overall work experience and education. Interviews - This is often the second step in a selection process, it is often used after a group of applicants have been short listed and allows the recruiter or hiring manager an opportunity to ask further questions about an applicants experience and get a feel for their personality, and fit into the organisation and role. Testing– This is used to asses an applicant’s skill set for a specific role, for example a math based test could be used for an accounting or finance role. 4.1 The purpose of an induction is essentially to introduce a new employee to the organisation, and to help them become effective in their new role as quickly as possible. Inductions often include new starters gaining an understanding of what is expected of them in their role, their responsibilities, and the organisation’s culture, this benefits the employee as they have a greater understanding of their job and have an opportunity to ask any questions. The organisation is benefited also as it allows them to make sure there is no misunderstanding at the very beginning of the employees contract. A
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