Recruitment and Retention

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The topic I chose to research and discuss is the topic of recruiting and retaining the best employees. I chose this subject because I felt it was important for an employer trying to compete in this very competitive business environment, no matter what the business is, to be able not only hire the best and most qualified employees but retain them and keep them motivated. The ability to distinguish the difference between high performing employees and lower performing employees can be detrimental to a company’s success or failure. In retrospect, this goes back to recruiting and retaining the best employees while avoiding and being able to let go of those of a weaker caliber. Before an organization can thrive in recruitment and retention,…show more content…
Jackson, Schuler, & Werner explain, “Retention includes all of an employer’s activities to encourage qualified and productive employees to continue working for the organization” (Jackson et al., p.188). This comes down to that particular organization’s willingness to motivate and make those employees who are high performing and productive satisfied enough to continue to work there at that same level if not higher level. Improvements in productivity, reduction in labor costs, and a competitive edge are all the things that can be attributed with a successful recruiting and retention program. This in turn makes your organization more alluring to those on the outside looking in.

Now that the definition of recruitment is clear it time to explore the different strategies that are used in the recruitment process. Kevin Ryan, successful CEO of Guilt Goupe, states, “Recruiting is so important that we intentionally overinvest in it” (Ryan, 2012, p.45). This statement shows how important recruitment is. Being a recent college graduate that landed a job fresh out of college within my field and now seeking work, I can say first hand that the recruitment process is not done in one certain way, but in a variety of ways. One of the most common ways to get recruited is by referral. Referrals take place when current workers of an organization inform their associates about job openings and recommend they apply. In certain instances, when there is an extreme
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