Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment Strategies Introduction Recruitment strategies in an organisation are intended to identify suitable employees who fit well for the business (Ahmad & Schroeder, 2002). It is a very complex process that needs to be carried out correctly and if not; can incur substantial costs for the business. (Pets, 1997) acknowledges this and highlights that due to the upsurge in competitive pressure, HR managers are constantly looking for ways to develop and sustain performance within the organisation. Therefore, avoiding unwanted cost and keeping employee retention. This paper aims to analyse existing literature regarding the e ffectiveness of recruitment strategies used within a business. This includes identifying general…show more content…
However, Clark (2010) clarifies that for this to be done; interview questions should be based on the required selection criteria and a concise definition informing the applicant of the desired level of knowledge and skill needed for the job role should be on display. This is so the candidate knows what is required of them and it makes it easier for the organisation as well. Identifying Job Requirements Brencic & Norris (2012) believe that there are various areas concerned whilst identifying job requirements. However, the key main areas consist of the analysis, evaluation and description of the job role. Uggerslev et al (2012) describes one of the main linked key areas; it is highlighted that the job analysis involves important information. It is further explained that the information gathered during this process is needed to create a job description and to develop vital information such as pay structure for the position. Therefore, this particular area is of fundamental importance as it not only helps the organisation but it also helps employees understand what is expected of them (Brencic & Norris, 2012). In addition, Ahmad & Schroeder (2002) debates that there are many more methods included in the job analysis that are used to collect information. This can include; focus groups; this method involves individuals meeting with the interviewer- in addition to the job holder, to

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