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Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy Appendix A - Appointment Committee Constitutions Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy – HRM Division 2000 Page 1 Recruitment and Selection Policy Policy Statement Recruitment and selection decisions significantly affect the University’s ability to meet its business planning needs and strategic objectives. It is important to invest time and energy into recruiting high calibre staff. The process is two-way; not only are appointment committee members assessing the best person for the position but applicants are also deciding whether the University is an organisation they wish to work in. The costs of a poor selection decision are substantial and often extend over many years. The…show more content…
Some generic documents are available to facilitate this process. Position descriptions for existing positions should also be reviewed and updated to reflect current and anticipated needs, including new technology. 2. Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy – HRM Division 2000 Page 3 Selection criteria are set out in the person specification and are generally described as ‘essential’ or ‘preferred’. The ‘essential’ requirements should be kept to a minimum to avoid excluding candidates unnecessarily. All identified competencies must be relevant to the performance of the job and must comply with the Equal Opportunity Policy and the Human Rights Act 1993. Position descriptions and person specifications are important tools in the recruitment and selection process enabling effective matching of potential candidates to the specific requirements of the position. They are helpful in ensuring that selection decisions are valid. They should not be varied significantly once advertising has commenced. 3. Approval Formal approval to create a new position or to fill a vacancy must be obtained from the senior manager – Dean/Group Director or other authorised line manager. A completed Recruitment/Appointment Request form must be used to confirm this in writing to the HRM Division with the relevant position description and person specification attached. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION 4. Advertise/Search Process The University’s Recruitment Advertising Policy guides
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