Recruitment and Selection Process of Police Officers

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Introduction For an individual to become a police officer, he has to be prepared for a challenging yet rewarding role. There are various requirements and selection processes that have to be carried out before this individual is chosen to join the police force. This requirements and processes are carried out in trying to identify the very best applicants who show that they possess the potential of becoming fully effective in the role. Requirements for one to join the police force include: One has to be 21 years of age, but if one is 20-1/2 one can take a written test; One has to have been educated, be it from high school or any recognized institutions; An individual has to be a United State citizen and if a non-citizen he has to be a permanent resident alien as per the requirement of United State Citizenship and Immigration Service therefore illegible and has done application for citizenship; The background of an individual is as well considered, where ones past behavior is scrutinize and judged in determining success (Paradise Valley Police Department, 2011) . One has to be excellent in terms of health having no conditions that might restrict his ability later in completing academic training and in performing every aspect of police work. One's physical condition has also to be good; an individual's uncorrected vision should not be more than 20/40, unless a person wears soft contact lenses. And the soft contact lenses should have been worn successfully for not less
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