Recruitment and Selection Process of Tesco

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Tesco’s Recruitment package and Selection
Recruitment process:
The main steps of the recruitment process are: 1. Job design 2. Job analysis 3. Opening job position 4. Job advertising(Internal & External)
The job design is the first step in the recruitment process, it is a step about design of the job profile and a clear requires between the line manager and the HR manager. The organization formulates plans to satisfy the current and future human resource requirements.
The job analysis is consisting of job description and person specification. Job description requires about the profile of the perfect job candidate and requires about the skills, knowledge, experience and competencies, which are essential. And person specification
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Job advertising is based on these two components and this helpful for applicants whether the job is expected of them. This is helpful to attract more suitable applicants to apply the appropriate jobs, and fit the vacancies directly with the right applicant at the right levels.
Tesco’s purpose is to satisfy their customers, their organization structure is divided into six work levels with different skills and behaviors. For each level, Tesco requires different exceptional skills to fit the jobs, they have the different functions to manage and control the business. The level one to level six are present an upper-work level, with the particular specific requirements for the employees, Tesco create a seven-part framework to provide the core skills and behaviors for each work level. Through this scheme, their employees directly find out whether they have the appropriate skills to hold their current job in Tesco.
In Tesco’s recruitment, the purpose is attracting the suitable standard of applicants to apply for the appropriate vacancies. The Tesco’s job advertising is confronted to two parts: internal recruitment and external recruitment. For internal recruitment, Tesco has an internal ‘Talent Plan’, including the current employees who want to move or promotion. Tesco will choose their current employees to fill the vacancies from
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