Recruitment and Selection Processes in Organizations

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Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and Selection Introduction Recruitment process is a crucial one in every organization. Recruitment is a process that provides the right candidate for the right post. This is because the employees recruited determine how a business will succeed. An organization should be well represented in all units. This prevents deficiency of diversity in any unit hence providing the best output. The best employees come from college graduates who have recently graduated. These graduates will offer a benefit to the organization and can turn the business to an asset. For recruitment of these employees, there has to be an efficient way of recruitment to get these highly sought candidates. Recruitment of employees solves the problem halfway, and the challenge of how to retain employees' remains. The best recruitment method is the one that provides a candidate who is competent for a position. The candidate should have the values required, and he/she should be aligned to the mission of the organization. The search will consist of different procedures, strategies and processes. When beginning the recruitment process, the employer should be aware of the policies governing recruitment process. This information should be gathered from a number of reliable sources. Once they know the policies, they should review the business strategic plan to know the principal factors that will help in growth of the business. This review will include; the changes required
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