Recruitment and Selection Strategies Essay

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Recruitment and Selection Strategies - Landslide Limousines XXXXXXXX HRM/531 Human Capital Management March 31, 2014 XXXXXXX Recruitment and Selection Strategies - Landslide Limousines Hello again, Mr. Stonefield. Traci Goldman has requested I give you some final recommendations for recruitment and selection strategies for Landslide Limousines. The following recommendations will be based on the organizational goals for your company, forecasting demographic changes, projecting workforce needs, diversity objectives, branding for Landslide Limousines, recruiting and screening methods, and methods for selecting candidates for open positions. We will cover each subject matter so you are aware of the proper assessment of new…show more content…
We recommend Landslide Limousines involve creating workforce profiles, review the trend data and project future workforce supply. Also, create a future workforce profile that will help project the future supply of the workforce. Demand analysis is the second step of the workforce analysis process. It will identify the future workforce needed to carry out the Landslide Limousine mission. The focus is for the company has to perform for the employees that need to carry out the job tasks assigned. Most of the information needed for this step can be obtained from step one of the process. Next step is the gap analysis, which involves comparing the workforce supply projection for the second step and answering the following questions Gap analysis involves comparing the workforce What new skills with the company need to accomplish goals and objectives? Does the company currently have employees with the needed skills? What functions or skills for the jobs are no longer needed? Landslide Limousines can establish workforce strategies from the results of the answers. The last step in workforce analysis involves the development of strategies that will cover the future gaps and surpluses. Strategies will include programs, policies, and practices that will assist in recruiting, developing, and retaining the needed staff and achieve the mission
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