Essay Recruitment and Selection of Microsoft Employees

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Recruitment and Selection Recruitment is defined as a set of organizational actions that provide a pool of candidates for the objective of filling vacancies (Peters, Greer, & Youngblood, 1997). In other words, recruitment is the human resource management practice that establishes different sources to attract potential employees who have attributes and abilities that will permit the social institution to accomplish its goals (Myers, 2003; Peters et al., 1997). Effective recruitment consists of accurate planning, strategy development, well-designed recruitment actions, and evaluation of previous recruitment strategies (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2013). Similarly, personnel policies, recruitment sources, along with the…show more content…
Certainly, in order for corporations to obtain competitive advantage, the recruitment and selection HRM practices must allocate individuals with competencies and a willingness to demonstrate their valuable behaviors (Sivertzen, Nilsen, & Olasef, 2013). Recruitment/Selection and Microsoft Corporation In the beginning of Microsoft, the recruiting policies were intended to find intellectual human beings that were capable of contributing to the organization’s effectiveness (Stross, 1996). For the creator, Bill Gates, smartness was more important than experience as the architect of Microsoft wanted to attract the smartest, inexperienced individuals who possess the knowledge in the hard sciences, including math and physics (Stross, 1996). Gates wanted the best talent available, and therefore recruited from elite educational institutions because without intelligent employees the corporation would not experience organizational growth. Today, Microsoft Corporation Human Resources Management consists of more than 1,500 human resources professionals throughout one hundred countries, and all HR professionals attempt to recruit, select and deploy large percentages of talented and motivated persons (Microsoft, 2010). People are Microsoft’s most valuable assets because without talented individuals the company may be at risk of
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