Recruitment of Child Soldiers Essay

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"Children belong on playgrounds, not battlegrounds. The use of child soldiers is one of the most egregious human right violations of our times" affirms Rep. Jeff Fortenberry after witnessing a human tragedy, of children who were forced into military service. Today, an estimated 300,000 children under the age 18 are participating in armed conflicts worldwide. Approximately 20 countries, including The United States of America actively recruits children under age 18. Most children soldiers range in age from 15 to 17 years old, but others as young as 7 years of age have been stationed. Because formal age documentation does not exist in many areas, children are frequently passed off as being older…show more content…
Douglas Smith, a spokesperson for the Army Reserve Command, confirms ?This provision is simply a matter of convenience, it saves the recruiters a lot of research time figuring out how to get in contact with the students.? Military recruiters have been caught telling high school students lies such as: ?The war in Iraq is over. We?re no longer sending people to Iraq . We are currently bringing the troops in Iraq back home. Once you enlist into military, if you don?t like it, you can simply quit under the ?Failure to Adapt? discharge and it won?t affect anything on your record.? Along with lying to accomplish the goal of increasing enlistments, recruiters have resorted to fabricating backgrounds and forging physical reports to ensure that the teenager qualifies for enlistment. Some recruiters have stooped so low by providing ?kidney cleaners? to help the teenagers pass urine screening for drug usage. All of these practices are inexcusable, even more alarming is the fact that high school teens are allowing themselves to be victimized by military recruiters. Military recruiters like any commissioned salesman are out to produce quotas which directly attributes to their income, the best interest of a high school teenager is never considered. Teachers, parents and students have complained of recruiting tactics, harassment and
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