Recruitment of a Star

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Problem Statement: Recruiting a new star analyst for RSH Research department in the semiconductor Industry domain while satisfying client, market and organizational expectations. Introduction to Company Rubin, Stern and Hertz(RSH), an investment banking firm based in New York, is faced with the problem of hiring a replacement for their star semi-conductor analyst, Peter Thomson. Star analysts willing to shift companies are difficult to find in the present market scenario. But Stephen Connor, director of research at the firm, with the help of Craig Robertson, a headhunter at Triple S, has managed to shortlist 3 worthy candidates with diverse profiles. Stephen was also approached by Anita Armstrong on behalf of a fourth candidate,…show more content…
Unapologetic for his tardiness. Expressed too much negativity about his current workplace. (which is indicative of his personal negativity) He was blunt about compensation details. Scathing behavior with juniors which was against the values of RSH. He is relatively old as compared to the other candidates who could mean that he might not be as energetic and enthusiastic as others. Travel schedule was becoming less intense. Tacitly passed on the information that he would like a contract guaranteeing compensation for at least 2 years. Not eager to travel much. Lack of experience in huge organizations. Preference for flexible working hours Eagerness to please. Was never ranked in II rankings for 11 years Not confident enough to make individual decisions. At times relies on other senior consultants Subordinates had mixed reviews about her Interpretation/Theory and Alternate solutions: Analysis and Interpretation & Alternates David Huges Gerald Baum Sonia Meetha Seth Horkum Rina Shea -Fantastic Credentials -Rated highly for several times throughout his career - Highly recommended by clients as well as ratings -Shows promise in work and output -Highly motivated to make more money -Prompt and maintains contact with clients -Shows low concern for team members -True up and comer - Clients are satisfied - Well networked Well connected in the business environment - Job expectations and alignment are a good fit
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