Rection Of Writing : My Reflection On Writing

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My Reflection on Writing
How do I always write, what is or do I even have a writing style. I usually don’t write a lot on my own, unless it’s for academic purposes. Like writing short, long essays, or research papers. From what I can remember since High School I have written about eight to fifteen short and long essays. I have written 2 research papers, that were both 10 pages long. I always procrastinate before I start to write my essays. And when I finally start, I read the instructions once or twice, and I just start typing, fixing my errors, like grammatical, along the way. Write a paragraph or two, do something else, come back to it later to write something else, and so on. Until I am close to finishing, then I go ahead and fix my sentences, add clutter to them to make them longer to meet the page requirements. Adding things like “The Dean of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte said,” instead of “The Dean of UNCC said,” Which usually I have a page or two left. So I have to add that much clutter to finish the essay. Which then I felt that it lost its meaning a little. The only tool I used is the Microsoft Word grammatical error tool. I usually didn’t ask for help, or really know where it was unless it was my teacher. But the only thing I would maybe ask for help is on a paragraph or two at the most.
The only thing that hinders my writing is my mood, the same goes with assisting it. If I am being lazy, I get a little mad, and start writing. It’s a little harder

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