Recycling And Alternative Energy Sources

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We also can try not to create too much garbage by recycling and making sure we don’t buy more food than what we need and then end up throwing it out. Recycling helps to save space in landfills and it can reduce pollution. Tropical rainforests can be saved by recycling aluminum cans. One would not realize the impact that recycling in one country would affect another area across the world. The tropical rainforests are mined for materials that are used to make aluminum. Recycling is also believed to slow down global warming. Recycling plays a vital role in preserving environmental resources and preserving an Earth for future generations. Alternative energy sources is another solution to the use of fossil fuels and pollution.…show more content…
This will create wars and conflicts as people fight for the resources they need to feed themselves and maintain their lives. People could eventually be fighting over farmland in order to feed themselves or their families. If people do not have the soil they need to grow the food to feed themselves they may look for alternatives, which will end up being unhealthy and could possible shorten their life span. When there is a reduction in food security and water availability there is also a growth in poverty and a reduction in the health of people. We are setting future generations up to be poor, unhealthy, and involved in conflicts over the resources we take for granted. We could also choose to help the future generations by starting to take care of the Earth they will inherit from us. We could support a clean healthy by taking care of the soil and water we use every day. We can support better farming practices and continue to support education and let our law makers know that this is important to us. Our generation needs to leave the world a better place than when we found it. Future generations have a right to a healthy Earth where they are able to survive without fighting for water and soil. Some people think that they won’t be alive when this happens, so they don’t have to worry about it. This is an ignorant way of thinking. We owe to our future generations to give them the same opportunities we have had in our lifetime. When we take of
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